About us

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The Short

Sensory Owl is a small family-run business that started in the United Kingdom but works across Europe and partner with other businesses all over the world. We produce our range of Weighted therapy and sensory products. We also partner with other interesting small brands that have high-quality products. We have an office in Birmingham but the workshop and main warehouse is based in Poland.



The Long

‘’Necessity is the mother of invention’’ and that is how we started…

I am a mother of a lovely autistic boy. I worked in a corporate environment and as a family, we tried to cope with work-life balance along with the needs of our son. His sensory needs required some extra therapy products yet my knowledge of autism and sensory processing was very vague at that time. However, I went with the feel and knew he needed something to regulate his senses. At the same time, I knew my life would always be devoted to the subject of sensory processing disorder and also knew I needed to get a more flexible life to give my son stability and energy to thrive in this world. This is how I decided to create the first weighted blanket and open the business that will connect me to the world of parents and individuals on the spectrum. Sensory Owl is all about individual character, personalisation, colour and feel of different textures. Each person is different and that is why we try to give you so many choices.


Our products are divided into off-shelf ready-made items such as body socks, tunnels and hammocks but also the whole range of weighted therapy items that offer many colours, fillings and textures. We make them to order and each item can be embroidered if you are looking for a special gift to somebody unique.

We create and design but also partner with other interesting and unique brands. Our knowledge is reached in 7 years of experience and this is huge thanks to our own customers who feedback and let us understand the true meaning of such subjects as sensory processing disorder, being on the spectrum and deep pressure therapy.


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