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Get a custom weighted blanket that helps to relax and balance the senses and fit your bedroom decor.   

  • 100% white cotton weighted blanket is suitable for all age groups
  • Make it the way you want it! Entirely handmade from start to finish. Add the backing fabric, and pick the size, weight and filling. Finish with the extra goodies and it's your fully individual and the way you want it!
  • All our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX® and suitable for all age groups
  • Easy to maintain and care for (read: fully washable) 

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Why you should get a weighted blanket? 

This is very individual on why you should consider getting one of the weighted blankets. However, it has been proven that they have many health benefits. The body relaxes faster when the weight is applied. Stress and anxiety block emotions and keep our bodies constantly ready to act and react.

Add the additional layer of sensory dysregulation and the blanket becomes a very useful SI therapy tool. ADHD and other nervous disorders sufferers benefit from weighted therapy. 

Weighted blankets are great for anyone who feels the need to get one. Generally, most people respond well to the weighted therapy. It is just a matter of picking the right size and weight proportion. 



Pick from one of the options:

Plain Cotton - 240gsm, sturdy 100% cotton. This is the best choice for hot sleepers. Perfect all-year-rounder.
Dimple Plush - 100% polyester, mid pile- soft fabric. Fluffy and pleasant to touch.
Velvet - 100% polyester, low pile soft fabric. Nice to touch and to look at.

All our fabrics are certified and suitable for 0+. 


Sensory Owl is the only company offering different weighting fillers. It is because we are truly making our blankets for each individual order. Truly handmade workmanship. 

Choose one of the two weighting fillings:

Glass granules-resemble the feel of the sand. Smooth and fine texture. 

Natural Gravel- perfect for Eco Warriors and tactile seekers. The bumpy texture is lightly feelable through the fabric texture.

Fillings are certified and toxic-free. 


This is always an individual decision but please remember the bigger the blanket the heavier it needs to be.
Example. If the child from my example above needs 100x150cm, 2,5kg then if you purchase 135x200cm then you'll need to make it 4.5kg to give the same weight pressure. You always look at the weight that touches the body, not the entire surface covering the mattress.

ZIPPY- blanket separated with the zipper in the middle. This version is perfect for couples. 


This is a fully individual decision determined mainly by your needs and the type of disorder that you wish to regulate along with the blanket size. The general 10% rule is suitable for milder neurological disorders or those trying a weighted blanket for the first time. How to work out a 10% ratio?
 1 Look at the reasons of your purchase. If you have a serious need for deep pressure then make it 12-15% to satisfy your body and mind.
 2. Pick the desired size. The bigger the blanket the heavier. Example: A child weighing 20kg, 140cm tall would need 100x150cm blanket weighing 2.5kg. A child with the same measurements but with the sensory disorder would need 3-5kg depending on the need for deep pressure, anxiety level and hyperactivity.
 3. Please add the height, weight and reason for purchase in the comment section of the order. We have 7 years of experience in weighted therapy working alongside professionals and helping parents and carers.

Here are some suggestions regarding the weight and size of weighted blanket ratio: 

weight and size chart for sensory owl weighted blankets


All our blankets are machine washable. Make sure the blanket doesn't exceed the washload. Use a small amount of liquid, spin it low and dry it flat. Please retain the paper label for the washing instructions.

washing instruction for our blankets


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